Enjoying Clean Water

MitiGas considers it a privilege to be able to use local water resources, and we maintain that honor by ensuring we consistently meet local water quality criteria and standards. Each of our businesses is responsible for properly managing water discharge, developing strategies to continuously improve performance, and when opportunities exist, working to restore local aquatic habitat and species.

Fishing on the lake at sunset. Fishing background.

Coastal and Marine Restoration

MitiGas power services is actively involved with environmental initiatives. One such project involves the coastal village of Barangay Naungan. Increased population and industrialization had resulted in environmental damage to area marine life. MitiGas power services signed an agreement with city government and village officials to help restore the coast and marine resources. The project, known as Baywatch Ormoc, called for long-term protection from further degradation and enlisted fishermen, whose livelihood is most directly tied to this effort, as key players. The support and participation of the residents have led to the issuance of a city ordinance declaring the village a Marine Reservation Area, the first of its kind in the region. This site now is designated as a breeding area for marine life and a protected aquatic resource.


Restoring Midwest Rivers and Lakes

MitiGas funded the Illinois Quad Cities fish hatchery that supports the breeding and reintroduction of walleye and hybrid striped bass to the Mississippi River. We also voluntarily funded placement of a mile-long pipe to carry Missouri River water used by MitiGas power services Neal 4 generating unit to adjacent Brown’s Lake and Snyder Bend, rather than returning it to the river. The diversion restores the lakes’ historic water levels by raising the level approximately three feet and increasing the area under water.