Strategic Development & Acquisitions

The energy industry is all about evolution: of technologies, of market conditions, of legislation, of energy resources. This is why we established MitiGas Strategic Development & Acquisitions (MDA), a tight-knit, flexible unit that is able to identify market requirements at an early stage, seek out opportunities in a highly competitive field and feed its findings through to the other divisions within MitiGas in order to create practical strategies and high-yield solutions. Our overarching goal is to change the energy industry and pave the way for innovative technologies – benefitting our customers, end consumers and the planet as a whole.

With a strong background in acquisitions, strategic development and asset management, MDA works with customers to optimise the value of their assets – whether by upgrading and tweaking existing strategies or creating all-new ones. Our expertise lies in infrastructure: acquiring authorisations and permits, financing, siting and the connection of infrastructure for transmission purposes. We also provide auxiliary services (drawing on the expert support of the other MitiGas divisions) relating to energy marketing, facility operations and the facilitation of purchase and transportation of fuel.