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My daughter and I got a little carried away with clips and embellishments and decided to cover some clothespins and dress up the metal clip. A little glue gun and some craft supplies and we lose track of the objective of the project. Here’s the same notepad with a metal clip (magnet attached to the back so it’ll hang on the ‘fridge) and some clothespins with ribbon, fabric and paper ribbon. Fun things to add if you are giving these notepads as a gift. https://www.atalisassurances.fr/why-does-notepad-create-bak-files-understanding-2 You could also decoupage a clipboard and make a notepad for it – fun for you, fun for a gift!

This article presents 3 solutions to how to recover deleted files in Notepad++ as well as unsaved Notepad++ files. The best disk recovery software can also repair damaged .txt files during retrieval. In a nutshell, we recommend you to not worry if you lose your Notepad file also.

Folder Workspace

The white background gives a light and relaxed feeling while coding and also helps you keep focused for long hours of coding. Notepad ICLS is a versatile, rich, and elegant theme with only a few colors combination and white background. This theme is different from the other themes where different colors are used to highlight code that create the rainbow display.

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  • Create your own personalized business notepad to include your brand logo , your business information and colors.
  • You have written the text in the “Office” and didn’t save the document?
  • I was able to print it out and create my own notebook with your printable.
  • The suggestion window can be shown manually using ctrl-space.

DSpellCheck does a good job of checking the spelling and can do it in a variety of languages. I write in three versions of English and this little plugin helps me with each of them. If you don’t wish to use Plugin Manager, you can still download plugins by hand from Github or other hosting sites. Just find the plugin file you want, and copy the files to the Notepad++ directory on your computer.

What Is the Notepad Compare Plugin

Also clicking on the error will take you straight to the offending line of code . A version control system, to manage files on servers, collaborate on a project with a team, share code and assets and avoid editing conflicts. Right now, Git is the most popular version control system along with the GitHub or GitLab hosting service. NppExec plugin makes it pretty simple to run a code in Notepad++. Though the process of setting it up is pretty lengthy, but it is one-time job and later you will have to just run the code. And you will be able to run any programming language pretty easily.

Once you have installed Notepad++ with Plugins Admin component selected, you will see an option called Plugins Admin under the Plugins menu. Just make sure to click the Yes option to keep your custom settings. You won’t even lost your last work once you have reinstalled Notepad++ and open the newly installed Notepad++.


If you copy the code above, change the quote ” to “. The former one is invalid in the command line, it won’t work. For unknown reason the quotes are automatically changed to a different quotes character that will render the command invalid. I havent tried using it with a lot of options. If someone has used it, would be helpful to highlight it here so that I can update the post.