Energy Solutions

As the most recent addition to the MitiGas roster, MitiGas Energy Solutions (MES) was set up – as the name suggests – to develop and implement integrated solutions that meet our customers’ every need in the energy industry. Drawing on the support of other divisions within MitiGas – Power Services Co., Marketing Ventures and the Strategic Development & Acquisitions Group – while relying on its own expertise in matters relating to energy management and the development of conventional and renewable energy sources, MES caters for a wide range of customers, including industrial and commercial entities, utility companies and municipal organisations.

MES has the ideal foundations from which to serve its customers: an exceptionally healthy balance sheet, matchless physical assets and agile energy transaction and supply chain processes. Above all, we have a dedicated, motivated team with extensive experience in developing solutions that tick all the boxes in terms of customer requirements, while factoring in individual risk profiles, current and future market conditions and a wealth of meta-analytic data.

our Energy Solutions – MES

Streamlined transaction management for load-serving entities

Renewable capacity firming

Capital deployment (tax equity and standard equity)

Development of conventional and renewable energy sources

Use of meta-analytic data and data applications

Risk and energy management

Global deployment and 24/7 support