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Including what your business does as part of your name may help your potential customers understand what you do without you needing to take the time to explain it to them. By the time you speak to them, you’ll know they want what you sell. In the United Kingdom, using a trading name instead of a business name prevents access to the Company Names Tribunal for company names that are too similar. It’s important to ensure that the name you choose is appropriate for your business and complies with the basic naming conventions that are set out by Companies House and other regulatory bodies. If you are planning to trade internationally, then further considerations are added such as translation and meaning in other languages.

Some brands have names that are nothing to do with their products – Apple, Nike and Orange, to name a few. But whether you use a ‘Trading As’ name or not, you still need to include your official name on your sales invoices as well, for legal reasons and clarity. You can also enter it in your tax return, sharing it with HMRC as part of Self Assessment. You must include your name and business name on official paperwork like invoices and letters. Potential competitors may not notice your use of a trading name when adopting new brands. It should not give the impression that the company is connected with the government of the United Kingdom or any other municipal or public body.

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The problem I have with these names is that the county I live in is a large area and I want to support local businesses. The city is not suitable as I live between a city and two towns and offer my services to the whole area and I didn’t want to use my surname. Most of the big accountancy construction bookkeeping firms just have a name without anything after it. These include Price Waterhouse, Deloitte, Ernest & Young and KPMG. The names work as they are recognised by people and are large organisations. Trying to choose the best name for your new bookkeeping business is important.

How do I come up with a bookkeeping business name?

  1. Do use keywords related to bookkeeping.
  2. Do choose a name that looks good on multiple platforms.
  3. Don't choose a name that's too general.
  4. Do consider alliteration.
  5. Do keep your business logo in mind.
  6. Don't misspell words just to be unique.

From marketing to human resources, your business’s financials are connected with every aspect of the company you run, which makes perfect sense as to why you need the services of a professional. The requirement to register a unique name at Companies House does mean that company names are, to some extent, protected against other companies opening up with the same or a similar name. That doesn’t protect against a sole trader or partnership starting up with a similar name though. No matter which bookkeeping and business services you decide to offer, it’s very important to make sure that your potential clients know about you and the assistance you can provide. You might offer specialist services which are particular to an individual client. For example, a golf club might require you to handle their membership list or you might look after subscriptions for a magazine publisher.

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Perhaps you’ve worked as an in-house bookkeeper for a business and you’re ready to take the plunge and set up for yourself. Providing accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services to small and medium sized businesses across Central Scotland and beyond. Although it is not always the case, clients who are looking for a bookkeeper can be put off by the word accountancy as it suggests a firm of accountants. We would therefore suggest that you steer clear of the term Accountancy, and rather opt for Bookkeeping, or even Accounts and Accounting if necessary. Your customers could form their first impressions of you based on your name.

names for bookkeeping business

But you can trade under your personal name as a self-employed sole trader. Don’t overlook the possibility of offering online bookkeeping and related services to clients anywhere in the country. Your clients would enter their income and expenses and employee pay details into specialist cloud based bookkeeping and payroll software that you could then work on. You’ll need to make sure your website features in online searches for bookkeeping or accounting services.

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Are bookkeeping business profitable?

Starting your own bookkeeping business can be pretty profitable. There aren't significant barriers to entry if you already have experience. Aside from technical skills, you just need a computer, internet connection, and place to work.