Engineering & Operations

MitiGas Engineering & Operations (MEO) was founded with one goal in mind: to oversee the efficient integration of digital  energy projects  – from natural gas, solar and wind sources – while prioritising safety, reliability and environmental responsibility. This is a broad remit, and one that goes well beyond simply maximising a generation fleet’s capacity output. In fact, it encompasses every stage of the operations chain: due diligence evaluations prior to the acquisition of resources, regulatory compliance, technology screening and trialling, infrastructure development and management, negotiation of interconnection agreements, engineering and maintenance, day-to-day energy operations and ongoing performance monitoring.

The result: an extremely safe, reliable and environmentally friendly generating fleet combining natural gas, wind and solar energy that rivals the world’s best. The generating units are owned in cooperation with other companies to diversify risk and ensure available capital at all times. Our team is continuing to hone its expertise as it takes on increasingly ambitious digital energy  projects that bolster MitiGas’s reputation as a trailblazer in this industry.